Essential Listening: Lumineers offer a look at a woman’s struggle


The Lumineers’, III, tells the story of a woman’s battle with addiction.

Izzy Swanson, News Editor

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Many people take to music as a way to relate to people on a larger scale, allowing them to not feel as alone. 

The Lumineers’ album III speaks about the issue of alcoholism and how it affects one’s family. The album is constructed to tell a story about one woman, Gloria, struggles with alcoholism, and how her childhood played a role. The album later discusses how Gloria’s struggle has had long-term effects on her family members’ lives as well. 

The song “Gloria” is fast paced and hectic to represent the chaos that is associated with the life of an addict. “Donna” is also focused on this character of Gloria, for the song is from the perspective of Gloria, speaking about her childhood and how the relationship with her mother went on to affect her through adulthood. 

The album also incorporates happier tunes. The song “Life in the City” discusses the feeling of being alive and feeling freedom. 

The album later switches to the perspective of Gloria’s son and grandson. The songs “It Wasn’t Easy to be Happy for You” and “Leader of the Landslide” focus on a strained father-and-son relationship. 

Although slower, more acoustic music is not as popular as other genres, this album is one that a large majority of people can relate to one one level or another. Music allows one to not feel so isolated in a situation, and The Lumineers demonstrate that many people have been through similar experiences.