Uplifting Moxie offers an empowering message


Netflix’s new movie, “Moxie,” focuses on female empowerment and social construct issues.

Amanda Booth, Staff Writer


Moxie may seem like a typical high school drama, but it gives an empowering message throughout the movie. 

This film not only is about the life of Vivian, a junior in high school, but it is also about female empowerment and social construct issues. 

Vivian sees how improperly many of the girls in her school are being treated, and she is influenced to do something about it. As Vivian is  baffled by the mistreatment, she begins to anonymously hang up posters she created with the word “Moxie” on the front. 

By doing so Vivian creates her own female empowerment movement, which gets given the name “Moxie Girl Movement.” Numerous people join in and try to bring awareness to the situation by making posters, petitioning, and even having a walkout. 

While the girls are standing up for what is right, there are still many people against them — one of those people being the main antagonist, Mitchell Wilson. He and his friends try to sabotage the movement by starting rumors and getting their principal to see it as bad. 

The movie in general is heartfelt and empowering. This film definitely leaves an impact, encouraging people to stand up for what is right and protest against wrongful situations. 

Overall, this movie is well done with a deeper meaning behind it, which sets it apart from the usual high school dramas.