Summer clothing can lead to stress


Pratiksha Timsina

With summer clothing coming back, it can lead to stress, and overthinking with yourself.

Taslima Chapagai, Staff Writer

Am I showing too much skin? Can you see the hair on my arms? Do I look fat? Are they judging what I am wearing?

These are all questions some people ask themselves when summer rolls around. These thoughts often come to people who struggle with many insecurities, and these insecurities are heightened in the summer, when people are expected to wear shorts and shirts the whole season. 

People who simply put on summer shorts and a shirt without thinking twice might not fully understand the struggles that others can go through when summer comes. 

Some people will wear hoodies and joggers the whole season, hoping for fall to come sooner. These people face many insecurities that lead them to dislike summer clothing.

Some people do judge others who do try to cover their skin in the summer, but they do not truly know what could be going on in the background. 

Summer insecurity can develop from a place of embarrassment or self-hatred. It can change one’s outlook on certain situations and make a person feel inferior. 

Summer clothing for women in particular consists of small bottoms and tops. It can cause many issues for women with different body sizes, features, and overall appearance when they are expected to wear these kinds of clothes. 

Fashion overall should be expressive to the person, and hating on one’s clothing is not what it should be. There are many different reasons behind why people dress the way they do, and judgment should be eliminated.

Having difficulty with seasonal clothing changes is normal. Making someone feel uncomfortable for wearing whatever they feel most comfortable in is truly not normal.