Handsome Devil’s new record features weak lyrics


Handsome Devil’s new album is underwhelming compared to their previous works.

Madison Miller, Staff Writer

The band That Handsome Devil recently released its fifth album, the mediocre Your Parents are Sellouts.

The new record incorporates a number of genres, such as rock, blues, jazz, and reggae. That variety does not extend to the lyrics, though.

While the singing is all right, the lyrics and beats behind it are a little questionable. While music does not always have to have a deeper meaning, this album takes that to a whole new level, to the point where there is no other way the songs can be looked at. 

Music listeners should be able to follow songs and lyrics and sometimes even find hidden connections with deeper meanings. But unfortunately, Your Parents are Sellouts does not offer any.

While this record is not recommended for serious listening,  it would not be bad as just simple background music.