Glow mixes genres, but keeps Lou’s sound


Alice Phoebe Lou’s new album, “Glow,” blends many genres together.

Elizabeth Perston, Magazine Editor

On her latest album, Glow, indie singer Alice Phoebe Lou showcases the musical range and lyrical talent that first put her on the map. 

The album’s tracks quickly cycle through the sounds of bedroom pop, indie, jazz, and folk, all with Lou’s unique signature sound.

Much of Glow is heavy with synth-pop layering, something much different from Lou’s past styles, but it’s done in a way that enhances the music rather than stifling it. Meanwhile, songs like “How to Get out Of Love” and “Driveby” offer an acoustic break from the album’s bedroom pop vocals and instrumentals, and balance out the album’s experimentalism.

Though the album successfully highlights Lou’s musical talent, it’s not a complete hit.

The blended genres become overwhelming in songs like “Only When I,” and they turn Lou’s typically soulful voice into something unrecognizable. The lighter, more acoustic songs become a breath of much-needed fresh air among the chaos of clashing sounds in many of the tracks.

Still, Glow can be considered yet another great album from Lou. It may have its flaws, but overall it offers up an excellent and refreshing new sound from the artist.