Rod Wave stays true to his sound on new album


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Florida rapper, singer, and songwriter Rod Wave just dropped his third studio album, SoulFly.

Mason Hurley, Multimedia Editor

Florida rapper, singer, and songwriter Rod Wave just dropped his third studio album, SoulFly, and fans should be far from disappointed.

The album is almost entirely solo, with only one of the 19 tracks including a feature, that song being the impressive “Richer,” featuring Polo G.

All of the other tracks live up to what fans have come to expect from the up and coming rapper.

They contain a ton of emotional weight, as Rod Wave tells stories about his difficult life before fame, as well as his new life.

Rod Wave combines emotional piano beats with his impressive singing talent to deliver some hard hitting and memorable tracks like “Calling,” and “Tombstone.”

The most memorable song on the album is “Don’t Forget,” in which Rod Wave details his tough upbringing and how hard it was to get to where he is today, all while delivering incredible vocals.

The main flaw with this album is quite simply that it’s too long. 

Rod Wave does very little experimentation with the album, as many of the beat selections and sounds are very similar across all 19 songs. This makes some of the songs blend together and become forgettable.

Rod Wave has had great success with the style that he utilizes on this album, as he is nearing the status of a mainstream artist. But if he wants to take it to the next level, experimenting with new sounds and guest artists is not a bad idea.

Although this album in particular has very emotional and heavy tracks, like his most well-known song “Heart On Ice,” Rod Wave may benefit from starting to expand his sound in future albums.

Rod’s newest album is by no means disappointing, but if he doesn’t start experimenting with his sound, it may become stale and overdone, especially given that this album contains 19 new songs that all follow his typical song scheme. 

Overall, Rod Wave has delivered an impressive album that should expose his incredible talent and heartfelt lyrics to many new listeners. But maybe it’s time to branch out for this Florida artist.