Second season of popular show turns out to be a false Alarm


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Season 2 has been predictable, and the deep emotions of the first season are missing.

Sneha Bhandari, Staff Writer

Fans may have been looking forward to the second season of the South Korean drama Love Alarm, but it is a big disappointment. 

At the end of the first season, fans were left with a cliffhanger. After waiting a year and a half for the second season to be aired, they were excited to get the answers they were hoping for. 

The series focuses on a love triangle in a world where people use an app called Love Alarm. This app can determine who a person loves. If their Love Alarm is turned on, it will make a sound to let them both know. 

The characters cannot imagine living without the Love Alarm app because it is a way to show their feelings towards each other. Instead of affirmations and words, in Love Alarm the sound is an expression of confirmation and shows the characters’ love. 

In Season 2, a few years have passed and the main characters, Kim Jojo and Sun-ho, have broken up. 

She ends up dating the second lead, Hye-young, who has loved her since the beginning of the show, and she tries to convince herself that she loves him when in reality she does not. 

She tries to find the owner of the Love Alarm app to get the shield removed, so it would ring when she is with Hye-young. 

Season 2 has been predictable, and the deep emotions of the first season are missing. There is not much character development and some elements are repeated. 

Regardless of how Love Alarm ends, it shows that people should choose the person they love and fight for what they want, keeping in mind how others may feel.