Yes Day provides fun without breaking much new ground

While it is not groundbreaking or overly unique, Yes Day still entertains audiences.

Image via IMDB

While it is not groundbreaking or overly unique, ‘Yes Day’ still entertains audiences.

Eli Traud, Staff Writer

The struggle of balancing raising children and living life to the fullest is explored in the Netflix film Yes Day

The movie follows Allion Torres (Jennifer Garner), a mother of three children who looks to prove that she is able to have fun. She decides to make a bet with her oldest daughter, Katie (Jenna Ortega), in which she and her husband are unable to say no for an entire day, which unsurprisingly leads to chaos.

The movie has numerous humorous moments and even action scenes, while also containing the drama that one has come to expect from most Netflix Originals. 

Katie struggles with feeling that she is not given enough freedom for her age, which adds tension between her and Allison throughout the film. Garner does a fantastic job of depicting her character’s internal struggle of wanting to prove she can have a good time while also keeping her children safe.

However, the film does not go without its flaws.  

Many of the characters are portrayed as common cinematic stereotypes. For example, Allison’s husband, Carlos (Édgar Ramírez), always wants to be seen as the fun parent, while she is left to be the disciplinarian. Also, Katie, like many teens in movies, wants to break the rules and rebel against her parents.

Additionally, while the actors all give strong performances, the plot of the film does not stand out. Many of the film’s key ideas, such as a mom looking to prove she is still “cool,” have been seen in many different media outlets in the past. 

Overall, Yes Day may not be the strongest Netflix Original film, but the movie is still enjoyable and is filled with plenty of fun moments.