For full-time remote students, staying active is vital

COVID-19 has forced incredibly difficult decisions on sports administrators this past year and a half.

Photo via the Purbalite

COVID-19 has forced incredibly difficult decisions on sports administrators this past year and a half.

Elias Olexa, Staff Writer

Staying healthy during the quarantine — especially for fully remote students — is just as much of a physical battle as it is a mental one.

Being cooped up inside of your home can be a struggle for any student, but especially students who are fully remote. After almost a year of not being in school, the physical and mental repercussions for these remote students can be detrimental. While it can be an uphill battle to keep yourself healthy while experiencing limited social interaction, there are many ways in which you can get back on your feet. 

Exercise is an incredibly important aspect of not only physical health but also in maintaining your emotional and mental state. Having a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so it is important to exercise regularly and eat right.

Eating right is another way to keep yourself energized and healthy. Sodas and other sugary foods can wear on your body, so it is important to drink water instead of sugary drinks and to eat balanced meals

Going on a run every few days or doing a few push-ups and crunches before bed can work wonders in keeping a fully remote student active. It is important to get outside as well, since sitting inside for eight hours a day in front of a Chromebook is incredibly draining.

Setting a consistent sleep schedule and getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial for a high school student. It can be tempting for online students especially to stay up all night watching YouTube, Netflix, or playing video games, but getting plenty of sleep helps to promote a healthy metabolism as well as improve your mood.

Communication with friends is very important for remote students. People are social by nature, so maintaining relationships — whether it is over Skype, FaceTime, or Xbox — is important to staying healthy.

It is also vital to have meaning in your life through this hard and sometimes monotonous time, so a hobby can be beneficial. Keeping yourself busy and having things to do outside of school, even though you might not be able to go out, can relieve stress and keep you happy.

For some fully remote students, this may be a tough time to get through. But there are many ways that students can stay physically and mentally healthy during the pandemic.