Netflix series Ginny and Georgia shows an interesting mother daughter relationship


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Although the beginning is slow, Ginny and Georgia is an exciting must-watch.

Leila Usanovic, Staff Writer

The new Netflix series Ginny and Georgia adds a dramatic flair to the Gilmore Girls format.

The show follows Virginia “Ginny” Miller and her adventures in a new school. Though the set-up may be seen in numerous shows targeted at teenagers, the show spices up the format by making Ginny’s mother, Georgia, an extravagant woman.

Georgia Miller gave birth to Ginny as a teen. The show focuses on their relationship and Georgia’s past secrets. 

The show injects drama and mystery into the basic format, which greatly improves the viewing experience. It keeps the audience hooked by not revealing all of the mysteries and has good pacing.

Though the show succeeds in the thrill factor, the beginning of the show is boring and has scenes that will make the targeted demographic roll their eyes.

For example, the way Georgia interacts with Ginny resembles when adults try to connect with kids. She speaks with her daughter as though they are friends, with few familial interactions between them in the early half of the show.

The show wants Georgia to be seen as a cool mom, but she comes off as embarrassing and unrealistic, even for a young mom.

Certain characters were also annoying in the beginning. The best example of this would be Ginny’s best friend, Maxine Baker. 

The show uses her sexuality as a lesbian as a defining character trait. She is extravagant and comes off as a caricature of LGBTQ+ people. Luckily, she develops throughout the show and becomes a more serious character, but the initial characterization is a disappointment. 

Though the show has scenes that are unrealistic for teenagers, the fabricated scenes are entertaining and are sure to make audiences laugh at their obscurity. 

Overall, Ginny and Georgia successfully improves upon the teen mom and daughter show archetype and is sure to please fans of the genre.