Sophomore James Wesling makes his mark on the boys basketball team


Photo contributed by James Wesling

Sophomore James Wesling plans to involve basketball in his future career.

Paul Kercher and Carson Chapel

James Wesling has had a big sophomore season, but his journey started a long time ago.

Wesling started playing basketball in second grade, and has always been a sharpshooter. Wesling’s dad has played a big role in the lead up to where he is now as a player. 

“My dad is my role model because he has coached me throughout my many years of basketball, and has always been on my side,” Wesling said. 

The success the young Highlander has had is not as easy as it might seem. Wesling has doubts in himself, and does not always feel confident in the way he plays, he said. 

“Sometimes I doubt myself because I see someone else doing something that I wish and  strive for,” Wesling said. 

Since Wesling has always been an elite shooter, he is trying to improve his athleticism to help the team as best as he can. 

“I am trying to get faster and stronger by putting work on and off the court,” he said. 

Wesling is not the only rising star in his family. Eighth-grade sibling Nate Wesling is already on the freshman basketball team. 

“I am trying to be the best role model for my younger brother Nate because he has what it takes to succeed,” Wesling said. 

Wesling has had many memorable moments playing the game. 

“My first varsity basketball points against Upper Saint Clair is a good memory,” Wesling said. “My most memorable moment this year has to be when I hit a buzzer-beater three-pointer against Seneca Valley.”

Junior Owen Hutchison has been playing for 10 years, but the Baldwin boys basketball team is the first time Wesling and Hutchison have played together.

“I noticed he’d be a key player one day at practice when he could not miss. Every team needs a spot-up shooter like James,” Hutchison said. “My favorite memory of James was seeing him hit seven threes in one game.” 

Junior Jordan Brophy noticed that Wesling’s shooting ability would make him a key player. 

“James is a really good kid on and off the court,” Brophy said. 

Wesling hopes to win a WPIAL championship for Baldwin, and he plans to be involved in basketball throughout his future, as a player, coach, or analyst.