Zayn’s new record shows off his successful sound

Zayn explores new sounds in his album, attracting a larger fanbase.

Zayn explores new sounds in his album, attracting a larger fanbase.

Brooke Bayer, Staff Writer

Nobody is Listening, the new album by Zayn, fully lives up to his previous album, Icarus Falls. 

Zayn, more famously known as Zayn Malik, a former One Direction member, has trademarked his own sound as hazy R&B. This sound is apparent on this new album with songs such as “Vibez” and “Calamity.”

This is a relaxing listening experience for those looking for that more modern tone. It’s definitely a “driving playlist” or “after hours” type of album. 

A common theme in all of Zayn’s songs is romance. Fans have obviously connected these songs to being about his supermodel girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

Songs such as “Tightrope” and “When Love’s Around” express feelings of intimacy and love. Icarus Falls was able to deliver this mood also, with songs such as “There You Are” and “If I Got You,” which so many fans fell in love with. 

Nobody Is Listening gives off the feeling of a confident artist who has finally found the type of sound he wants to make. After leaving One Direction, a generally pop music group, Zayn struggled to find his own sound when releasing Mind of Mine, his first solo album. 

Mind of Mine was mostly praised by fans of One Direction but did not spread to people who were not familiar with him. Nobody is Listening and Icarus Falls have introduced Zayn to a whole new fandom of people who have taken a liking to his hazy new sound. 

These albums have shown fans that this is the type of music they can most likely expect from Zayn in the future, further increasing his fanbase. 

Those who don’t know Zayn’s music should at least give this album a try, because his new music has shown he is not the type of artist that the media has known for the past 10 years.