Channel Tres reflects on life before pandemic on new album


Rapper Channel Tres writes new song worth listening to.

Stevi Simonelli, Staff Writer

The Compton-born producer and rapper Channel Tres uses his new album, I Can’t Go Outside, to look back at pre-pandemic times when everyone could be together. He recognizes simple tasks society took for granted, such as roller skating and even waiting in line at IKEA.

The story is told over a funky R&B background. He includes pieces of his life, such as driving in his first car with the newfound independence as a teen.

One of the songs, “Skate Depot,” is an ode to a famous Los Angeles roller skating park. His euphoric memories perfectly match the mood of the song.

The most notable song on the album is “Fuego,which features Tyler the Creator. It references 20/20 vision, connecting to the new experiences the year 2020 brought.

Channel Tres is known for his mumbled talk-rap, delivered with a woozy background. His music is often seen as having a relatable vibe.

This album does not seem particularly impressive at first, but after the true story is heard, it is unique. The relatable message and woozy vibe is a sound most teens today find interest in.

The soft vibes may not be the most convenient to sing along to, but they do bring a sense of peace and understanding to the listener.