Spider-Man sequel makes for a compelling video game


Photo via wikipedia.org

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the sequel to the original game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Sam Tobiczyk, Staff Writer

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an impressive and innovative sequel to the critically renowned original game, Marvel’s Spider-Man

The game has been released for both the current PlayStation 4 along with the next generation PlayStation 5. The game improves on many aspects of the first game, while adding fun new features. 

One impressive part of the game is the incredible story, which follows the second Spider-Man, Miles Morales, as he is on his own for the first time. As with the first game, the story is compelling, with interesting characters and original plot ideas. 

Another well done component of the dramatic aspect of the game is the performances by the leads in Nadji Jeter, who plays Miles, Troy Baker, who plays the main villain, and Jasmin Savoy Brown as Miles’s friend and enemy, Phin. Even with the motion capture technology that the game uses, the performances are obviously excellent.

An aspect that has been improved upon is the combat. In the first game, the combat felt slow at times and relied heavily on “gadgets” that would be upgraded throughout the story. In Miles Morales, the combat relies less on gadgets and more on the newly introduced “Venom” powers that allow Miles to feel unique and fun. 

Even with all of the positives, the game still has flaws. One notable flaw is the lack of compelling side quests and activities. Since this was a problem the first game had, it was expected to be improved upon in the sequel, but that is not the case.

Another flaw is the price of the game relative to what the player receives. Even though the game is impressive, it only provides around 10 hours of gameplay, and has a $60 price tag. Comparatively, other games that are about the same length cost around $40.

Yet with only some minor flaws and an overwhelming positive story and outstanding gameplay, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a winning sequel.