New Beach Bunny EP doesn’t offer many new sounds


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New Beach Bunny album shows consistent sound from past albums.

Grace Spozarski, Staff Writer

On its sixth release, Blame Game, the band Beach Bunny continues producing its own sound, which mixes pop, emo, indie rock, and pop punk.

The four-song EP opens with “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used).” The upbeat tone of this song is consistent, and starts off with electric guitar.  The second song, “Love Sick,” begins abruptly with heavy drums and guitars, and is good for anyone needing to bop their head and move their body.

“Nice Guys” changes the mood by starting off solemnly. As the song continues, the beat picks up and allows listeners to convert back to the upbeat tones.

The title track of the EP also starts off solemnly. As the beat picks up, the lyrics still hold deep meaning that add to the message of the song.

Overall, Beach Bunny has produced similar sounds since their first release in 2015. While the songs still provide meaningful messages, varying the music and instrumentals could expand their fanbase by appealing to more people.