Why Don’t We moves toward new sounds on second album


Photo via wikipedia.org

Why don’t we’s new album discusses finding balance in life.

Ava Bell, Staff Writer

Why Don’t We is an up and coming boy band whose second album, The Good Times and The Bad Ones, shows the group moving onto a new sound.

The members of the band wrote the album together, instead of tweaking songs or ideas that labels or other songwriters would give them. As a result, each song on the new album is completely theirs, with deeper meanings. Writing personal music may have been challenging, yet the outcome is rewarding. 

The album title refers to the good times and the bad ones that create a balance in the lives of everyone. Each song features a slightly different sound, making it a unique album.

As much as this album creates a new style of music for this band, there are parts that are less impressive. In the songs “For You” and “Long Song,” there are autotune effects that take away from the true talent in these artists’ voices.

It would be nice to hear more natural and real voices in their music. Hopefully they will realize their impressive talent and use it more to their advantage in future songs. 

Despite the few flaws, The Good Times and The Bad Ones is a great start for a band that is trying new sounds.