Opinion: Trump’s Twitter ban comes as no surprise


Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have deactivated the President’s accounts.

Leila Usanovic, Staff Writer

After the attempt to infiltrate the capital building on Jan. 6, President Donald Trump’s account was deactivated on Twitter, and other social media platforms have limited the President’s online presence.

The deactivation of Trump’s Twitter should come as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to any of Trump’s tweets on the platform.

Before the attack, Trump made numerous tweets and posted interview clips about how his supporters should not sit back and accept the results of the election. 

Throughout the past few months, Trump published many tweets about how the election was fraudulent, all in hopes of continuing his presidential run. Almost all of these tweets were flagged by Twitter for spreading false information.

Besides the spreading of false information, Trump has also used his platform on Twitter to make insensitive, inappropriate, and racist comments that a President should not make. Some notable examples include him calling the Covid-19 virus the “China virus.”

He has used his platform to threaten certain groups, such as the time he threatened shooting protesters after the death of George Floyd.

Many of his tweets had to be censored by Twitter moderators. The constant flagging and deleting of tweets is ridiculous, considering the fact that he represents the United States.

Other social media platforms have also been censoring Trump. Trump’s Facebook account is locked until the end of his term. Twitch, Reddit, Snapchat, Tiktok, Pinterest, and other platforms have either banned him from the planform or censored words and hashtags that spread the President’s hateful message.

His immaturity across these platforms shows his inability to voice his opinions in a respectful manner and accept truthful information. It is no surprise that he was banned from these platforms based on his actions.