Struggling Steelers need to get offense moving again


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Steelers, after Sunday’s crushing playoff loss to the Browns, face serious questions for their future.

Colton Brain, Sports Editor

It has only taken two weeks for the Pittsburgh Steelers to go from a legitimate Super Bowl contender to a plausible first-round exit.

The Steelers have already clinched a playoff berth, and they will likely clinch the AFC North with a win this week against the struggling Bengals. But that elusive first-round bye seems to be slipping away from the Steelers and into the arms of Andy Reid and his high-powered Chiefs offense.

Only one team from each conference gets a bye this year, which makes the situation all the more dire. The Steelers have not had a week off since Week 4, and a first-round bye would provide a much needed rest for the team.

The reason for the team’s struggles as of late is no mystery; They simply have not had an offensive attack.

The receivers have not been able to catch a pass if their lives depended on it, and this is unacceptable for an offense that does not incorporate a running attack.

While other teams run the football to get a chunk of yards, the Steelers throw the football short. This had worked until the Steelers caught a case of the drops.

The drops in the short game lead to third and long situations, which make it much easier for opposing defenses.

The answer is simple: Catch the football, win games.