After rough start, Season 2 of ‘Mandalorian’ takes off


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The season two finale of The Mandalorian is being released today.

Kevin Hutchinson, Staff Writer

After introducing an enthralled fanbase to the affectionately named “Baby Yoda,” the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian has amazed and enthused audiences everywhere. With its stunning cinematography, impeccably choreographed action sequences, and the virtuosic inclusion of a multimillion-dollar toy marketing opportunity, the first live-action Star Wars TV series has left an indelible mark on pop culture.

Following three breakneck opening episodes, the series’ first season slackened somewhat before rebounding dramatically and culminating in a resounding conclusion. However, despite the immense anticipation for the series’ second season, its first two episodes disappointed, with flaccid pacing and inadequate plotting.

Fortunately, the season’s third episode introduced an intriguing subplot and catapulted viewers through an incredible action sequence. Then the fourth and fifth episodes combined rapidly developing plotlines with the introduction of a beloved character sourced from the Star Wars galaxy’s “extended universe,” a canon favored by devoted Star Wars nerds. 

The series then introduced a character from the original trilogy of movies, intensifying the plot to a fever pitch and accelerating the heroes’ search for the sinister Moff Gideon, an ex-Imperial officer obsessed with capturing “Baby Yoda.” When episode eight arrives Friday, after keeping anxious fans on the edges of their proverbial seats, several plotlines are expected to converge and deliver an ultimately satisfying conclusion. 

As the series’ producers could — and should — refrain from producing a third season, the next episode of season two will likely be the most momentous yet, employing a customary mix of astounding visuals, restless plotting, and thrilling, exuberant action to deliver an incomparable Star Wars experience.