Competitive cheer team qualifies for nationals


Image via Baldwin Cheer

The Baldwin competitive cheer team competed in two competitions this past weekend and qualified for nationals.

Izzy Swanson, News Editor

The competitive cheerleading team this past weekend once again qualified for nationals.

The team participated virtually in two different competitions, Bishop McCourt’s Spiritfest Competition and UCA Allegheny Regionals, in which they received two bids allowing them to qualify for nationals. 

Junior Elianna Sinkule said competing virtually has its pros and cons. While lacking the excitement of the competition environment, there are advantages, she said.

“It definitely was a different feeling than we have had in previous years, since we are able to record the video multiple times. I would say everyone still has nerves, but not as high because there’s redos,” Sinkule said. 

Because teams have the chance to record their routines multiple times, the team has decided to focus on longer and more creative routines, setting them apart from other teams. 

“Normally you have a few really hard skills you have to incorporate, so this year we have to incorporate a lot more than usual,” she said.

Nationals are held at Disney every February. It is unknown whether the team will be able to go to Florida or if they will compete virtually. If they go virtual, it will be a change, Sinkule said.

“It’s definitely different. We definitely thrive in the environment we have at Disney, because the adrenaline is through the roof, compared to at Wallace in our own gym,” Sinkule said.