Belak brothers turn early start into ice hockey family tradition


Photo provided by Dylan Belak

Trevor Belak (left) and his brother, Dylan, are key members of the Baldwin ice hockey team.

Ethan Spozarski, Multimedia Editor

For the Belak brothers, all it took to fall in love with the game of hockey was some after-school ice skating at an early age.

Trevor is now a junior defenseman for the ice hockey team, while Dylan is a senior center. But they got started a long time ago.

“I got started after a day in kindergarten,” Dylan Belak said. “My brother went skating with my dad that day while I was at school, and I was very mad about it, because who doesn’t want to go ice skating? One day my dad took us both and we just took off from there, going to more public skates and eventually putting a stick and puck in my hand.”

The sport quickly began to take over their lives and helped them develop into who they were as people.

While they began their hockey lives on the same patch of ice, the Belaks played together only once before this season. 

“My brother and I have only been on the same team one other time, over eight years ago. Honestly I look at it sometimes and see how far we’ve come as hockey players,” Dylan said. “It’s fun to play with him because I can be a little harsher on him than others.”

Trevor Belak said that even though they weren’t on the same hockey team most years, they still brought out the best in one another.

“My brother and I are very competitive with each other, whether it be a regular game of football in our living room or in a drill at practice. It’s always fun to challenge yourself,” Trevor said. 

Hockey also has provided many life lessons for the Belak brothers. 

“Hockey has been a daily part of my schedule, whether it’s a game or practice. It has overall taught me many communication, team building and work skills,” Dylan said.

Senior Keith Reed said that while both brothers are great athletes, they bring different strengths to the game.

“Trevor is always smart with the puck, and when they need him to get it into the offensive zone he can,” Reed said. 

“Dylan not only speaks up as a leader, but he also brings his speaker and blasts our music to get us pumped up in the locker room,” Reed said. 

Trevor Belak said that having his brother as a teammate has been a great experience.

“It’s nice having teammates who are your friends and have your back,” Trevor said. “But having a brother who I live with is always fun because we are so close and it makes practices and events more fun.”