Opinion: TikTok goes beyond dances to provide news for Gen Z


Wikimedia Commons

TikTok has become a key source of news for members of Gen Z.

Taslima Chapagai, Club Member

Social media influencer Amelie Zilber recently used her TikTok account to post facts and website links about the Uighur Muslims, who have been put in concentration camps in China.

For Zilber, other media influencers, and young fans of TikTok everywhere, the social media app that became famous for fun dance moves has become something else: an important news outlet.

TikTok provides not just entertainment, but facts about most news topics as well. The vast majority of people in Gen Z have TikTok, and most have learned important information about the world by being on it. 

During the heated presidential campaign, TikTok users covered what happened in every debate. Big and small creators alike on TikTok posted 15- to 60-second videos explaining what was occurring to make sure our generation is more woke. Almost every For You Page (FYP) on TikTok had something to do with the debates.         

TikTok also covers national and world crises. 

During the protests after George Floyd’s death, TikTok creators brought awareness of the situation. Big influencers on TikTok like Zilber, Charli Demillo, and Annie Leblanc changed their profile picture to the Black Lives Matter logo, which is a fist. TikTok creators like them wanted to make sure their fans knew where they stand with Black Lives Matter awareness. 

TikTok has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Not only does it connect people from different countries, but it brings everyone together. It has turned into a place where teens not only look for clever dances and jokes, but also a site where they can go to get away from stress during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

While providing entertainment, it also provides facts and shines a light on many important events that do not get brought up as much on the news. TikTok has made Gen Z more aware of important events that have been happening around the world.