Opinion: Trump will create jobs and protect the unborn

President Donald Trump says he plans to Keep America great.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

President Donald Trump says he plans to “Keep America great.”

Maddison Houser, Staff Writer

It’s nearly November and that means the 2020 presidential election is finally almost here.

Over the past couple of months, Americans have heard some praise and lots of accusations about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Claims have been made that Biden has mental struggles and doesn’t even know he is running for president, and that Trump is destroying the country. But that’s not even close to what is really happening. 

Although Biden was vice president under Barack Obama for eight years, he is not healthy enough to be the president and run the country. Biden is being used as a puppet by his wife and by the Democratic Party.

Trump is a billionaire, business owner, and the current president of the United States. His business knowledge means he will be the best choice for the economy.

Although Trump is about the same age as Biden, he is more mentally fit to run the country. He has done even more for the country than he originally planned. 

One big debate during the elections is if it’s better to vote for someone who is anti-abortion or pro-abortion rights. 

Donald Trump is anti-abortion, meaning he believes every child deserves a chance. Sometimes people who are pro-abortion rights argue their case by bringing up women who are raped and become pregnant. But a baby born in such a situation can be put up for adoption and be raised by a family that wants a child — rather than having that baby murdered through abortion. 

People who vote for Donald Trump are voting for unborn children to have a life, for the creation of more jobs in factories, and for our world to be a better place.”

— Maddison Houser

People who vote for Biden just want everything to be free, when in reality, nothing in the world is free.