Sandler returns to comedies that aren’t funny with `Hubie Halloween’

Adam Sandler goes back to comedy with his new film, Hubie Halloween.

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Adam Sandler goes back to comedy with his new film, Hubie Halloween.

Leila Usanovic, Club Member

Adam Sandler returns to his unfunny comedic roles in the original Netflix comedy, Hubie Halloween.

Sandler plays Hubie Dubois, a ridiculed man who is devoted to protecting the town of Salem every Halloween night.

One Halloween night, many of the town’s citizens are captured. Hubie spends the night trying to figure out who captured the citizens.

Hubie Dubois, as a character, is insufferable.

One of the worst things about the film is that Hubie is the most humorless character in the whole film. Most of his jokes center around him being a man-child. His attempts at comedy could be funny to 5-year-olds, but even that is not a guarantee.

Sandler portrays him with a voice that is extremely annoying. It is especially aggravating since Hubie is the main character of the film and is constantly talking.

To add to the list, Hubie is very unintelligent. He is unaware of many things and responds to situations in weird ways. One might think his peculiar responses add character, but his responses are completely illogical and have no reason to them.

Not surprisingly, Hubie is almost the same as every single character Sandler has ever played. There is nothing that special about his portrayal.

On a more positive note, the side characters were much more humorous than Hubie. Maya Rudolph’s character, Mrs. Hennessey, and Karan Brar’s character, Deli Mike Mundi, were very funny when they were on screen.

Overall, Hubie Halloween is an average comedy movie. Seeing past Sandler’s failed attempts at comedy, the movie is not a bad October night watch but, watching Hocus Pocus for the tenth time would be a better idea.