Volleyball team wins big on senior rec night

Alli Schroeder and Izzy Swanson

The girls varsity volleyball team came from behind to win its senior rec game against Mount Lebanon Thursday night.

Baldwin lost the first two sets, but then won three straight for the victory. 

Senior Jess Noss said the team “had really good passes and really good hits. Everyone played well as a team.”

“Sometimes in the game we were down, and we played really well to get back up to where we needed to be to win,” Noss said. 

It was Baldwin’s second win of the season. Senior Lousia Tiriobo said that the team “got off to a slow start but is starting to pick it up.” 

Ten seniors were recognized at the senior rec event, which was held along with the game. 

“I’m sad this is my last year,” Noss said. “This is my last time to play.”  

The girls will play their next game on Tuesday at Peters Township.