`Before Love’ shows off different aspects of R&B

Jessie Reyez's album

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Jessie Reyez's album "Before Love Came to Kill Us" features different aspects of R&B.

Abbey Stark, Staff Writer

Jessie Reyez’s album Before Love Came to Kill Us features different aspects of R&B that demonstrate her personal sound. 

Reyez stands out as an artist because of her unique voice. Her new album has songs that show the basic smoothness of R&B, as heard on “Imported.” She also switches up the sound of her album by including slower songs such as “I Do” as well as faster-paced songs such as “Dope” and “Roof.”

Her lyrics are relatable and sometimes even humorous, covering her experiences with relationships and self love.

Reyez takes a different approach with her lyrics as compared to other pop or R&B artists. Her lyrics can be somewhat bold, and she doesn’t seem to hold back when it comes to her emotions about relationships.

Overall, this album truly shows Reyez’s unique sound and her ability to appeal to the different aspects of R&B.