Summer’s here, so head on over to `Parks’

All seven seasons of Parks and Recreation are available on Netflix.

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All seven seasons of “Parks and Recreation” are available on Netflix.

Izzy Swanson, Staff Writer

People who love The Office will find Parks and Recreation to be the perfect binge-worthy show for the summer. 

The comedy follows the Parks and Recreation department of the small Indiana town, Pawnee. Each character has his or her own unique sense of humor and represents different types of personalities in the real world. The contrasting personalities generate all sorts of relationships between the people of city hall, both good and bad

In addition to the fun work environment the show generates, Pawnee is shown to be a stubborn town, and this creates situations for the characters that are so ridiculous it becomes funny. 

The show can be easily compared to The Office, which follows the Scranton branch of a paper company. Although the shows are similar, the characters are not exactly alike, so viewers can definitely see parallels but different content. People who like either show are guaranteed to like the other.  

Parks and Recreation has all seven seasons available on Netflix.