Seniors Saluting Seniors: Words of Encouragement for the Class of 2020

Residents from The Sheridan at Bethel Park, a memory care facility at Cool Springs, offered words of encouragement to the Baldwin High School Class of 2020.

Sarah Watkins, Staff Writer

Many people have had kind words for the Class of 2020, but receiving advice from the senior citizens whom I work with for this project was special. I work at The Sheridan at Bethel Park, which is a memory care facility located at Cool Springs. I serve meals to the residents; my job makes for a very pleasant experience and I value my position there. 

The residents have been having a tough time due to COVID-19 protocol. They have not been allowed to see their loved ones for over two months. A lot of people have expressed that they especially miss their families. Whether they miss Sunday night dinners with their daughters or small outings with their sons, they yearn to see those familiar faces. 

But, as with a lot of people I have encountered, they are hopeful for my future. ”

I also have chatted with many residents who have offered their sympathies for the loss of such an important part of my senior year in high school. But, as with a lot of people I have encountered, they are hopeful for my future. 

Throughout this period of social isolation, the whole staff at The Sheridan has been trying to make the residents’ days bright, and make them smile. It was no different when I proposed this project, in which senior citizens from The Sheridan offer, in a series of photos, words of encouragement and advice for the Class of 2020.

The residents were eager to give their advice. With the help of Haley Bowen, director of resident programs at The Sheridan, we set off to ask the residents for their best advice for the senior class. Lots of residents happily obliged with smiling faces and positive pieces of advice. 

As a side benefit, keeping the residents engaged helps to take their minds off the fact that they are stuck inside. 

Hopefully, residents soon will be able to see some of their families and reunite with their friends in the dining room. Overall, this project reminded me to appreciate the little things in life and to treasure the support I am surrounded with. 

Thank you to the seniors of The Sheridan, for their words of encouragement for the graduating Class of 2020.