Baseball works to save its season


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Today at 11:59 began a league wide lockout.

Paul Kercher, Staff Writer

With the coronavirus-related shutdowns of most sports continuing, Major League Baseball fans have been left wondering when, or if, the season will start.

An answer could be coming soon. According to a story in the New York Times, the owners soon will share an economics proposal with the players association.

Previous news reports have said that players were willing to take prorated salaries for a shortened season. Owners, meanwhile, have been said to be seeking a 50-50 revenue sharing plan.

That plan from the owners was criticized by some players.

Blake Snell, the ace pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, said he was not too happy because all of the players would already be taking a significant pay cut by agreeing to a prorated salary based on the number of games in the shortened season.

Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies agreed, saying players don’t want to risk their health in exchange for such a potentially small share of their contracted salaries.

The owners hope to get a deal and start moving toward some kind of season soon.

One proposal would have a second run for spring training starting in mid-June and the actual season starting July 4th. The league is looking for a reduced season that would have playoffs ending in mid-November instead of mid-October.

Other possibilities for the shortened season include mandatory use of the designated hitter and an expanded playoff pool.

Fans can agree that they want to see the players and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred come to an agreement soon. No one wants to go without baseball for a whole year.