Review: Nav’s music doesn’t match his lyrics

The rapper Nav has  new album that is called Good Intentions.

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The rapper Nav has new album that is called Good Intentions.

Zachary Wyse, Staff Writer

Nav is a fresh rapper who has been known for his relaxed music. Since 2017, he has made plenty of solid albums that reveal his personal life in creative ways. 

On his newest album, Good Intentions, Nav goes in a similar direction with his chill music, and it works just as well as it has in the past.

Throughout the album, Nav uses creative verses to portray his feelings, as well as his current life situations. In the song “Sprite Clean,” he describes his current place in the rap game among other artists: “They ain’t getting rid of me / this ain’t what they wanna see / they wanna trade places with me.”

While Nav’s verses do express who he is very well, the music and the beats seem to be generic in most of the songs, causing the songs to sound similar. However, the beat in “No Time” is unique and fits his lyrics.

Nav effectively creates a relaxed tone on his new album with clever lyrics. However, the album is not for everyone. Listeners who are more into the beats of the music may be disappointed to find that all of the songs sound the same.