Review: `Outer Banks’ hunts for mix of drama, mystery

The Netflix series Outer Banks tries to appeal to both teens and adults.

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The Netflix series “Outer Banks” tries to appeal to both teens and adults.

Izzy Swanson, Staff Writer

Netflix’s new series Outer Banks combines drama and mystery, mixing elements of popular shows like All American and How to Get Away With Murder so that it appeals to both adults and teenagers. 

The story follows a group of teens living on an island along the outskirts of the Outer Banks. The group becomes involved in hunting for $400 million worth of gold that has been lost since the founding of the town. As the story progresses, the group finds that many others have their eyes on the treasure, leading to the unveiling of the town’s darkest secrets. 

The series also incorporates the usual teenage drama, introducing new heartthrobs to teenage girls everywhere. The writers do a good job of mixing adventure into the lives of the group, while retaining some normal aspects of teenage life. 

Although the show is based on popular drama and mystery tactics, viewers may find themselves bored by how overly dramatic the scenes can be. The show also abandons any reliance on law enforcement, which forces the characters to derive ludicrous plans.