MLB the Show 20 wins again


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“MLB the Show 20” offers the kinds of improvements that fans wanted to see.

Colton Brain, Staff Writer

Sony San Diego Studios is back and better than ever with the release of MLB the Show 20

The recent installment of the franchise builds upon the success of last year’s game by improving the minor flaws of its most popular mode, Diamond Dynasty, and by adding a new custom leagues feature. 

For fan favorite Diamond Dynasty, along with an influx of new content, the pacing of the high-level card releases is far better. At the same time last year, players could already have a full team of max overall players, which rendered a large number of cards released later useless.

In contrast, the general overall of the cards at this point in the game is relatively low. This assures that players will get the most out of the cards that come out in the future.

Another great addition is the Custom Leagues mode, which allows players to create a fun, relaxed league with their friends. This is a fun and more casual experience for players that contrasts well with the intense grind that is Diamond Dynasty. 

All in all, San Diego Studios has kept the roll going with another great game in the most popular baseball game series by listening to fans and giving them the game they want.