Column: Packers shock fans by drafting QB


Photo via Wiki Commons

Aaron Rodgers has built a legacy with the Green Bay Packers.

Zachary Wyse, Staff Writer

The draft is vital for NFL teams. The right draft choice can define a team’s legacy over plenty of years, while teams and fans would much rather forget some other selections.

That is why fans were shocked this year to see the Green Bay Packers select quarterback Jordan Love from Utah State. He was chosen 26th in the first round in this year’s draft.

The Packers’ current quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has been the starting quarterback for Green Bay since 2008, setting many passing records. He also won the Super Bowl MVP in 2011 after an excellent performance. Rodgers has become a legend in Green Bay.

Rodgers is only 36 years old, which is why fans were stunned to see the Packers draft a quarterback as early as they did. 

Teams have to draft a fresh quarterback when they believe their current QB is becoming too old. The New Orleans Saints did just that this year, although their quarterback pick came in the seventh round.

New Orleans star quarterback Drew Brees is 41 years old, so it makes much more sense for the Saints to draft a quarterback. However, since Rodgers is only 36, Green Bay fans believe it is unfair for the Packers to draft his “replacement” this early.

Some experts are saying that this relates back to 2005, when Rodgers was drafted. At the time, the Packers started a future Hall of Fame quarterback on their team, Brett Favre. Favre was only 35 when Rodgers was drafted in the first round of the 2005 draft.

If history repeats itself, then Jordan Love will have a successful career in Green Bay, just as Rodgers did. But plenty of fans believe this decision is unjust towards Rodgers, as he has built an unforgettable legacy in Green Bay.