Review: Dababy introduces new sounds on latest album

Mason Hurley, Staff Writer

One of the hottest new artists in the rap game, Dababy, has dropped his third studio album, Blame It on Baby, only 13 months after he dropped his first album.

Dababy has made quite the name for himself due to the success of his greatest hits, such as “Suge,” and “Bop.” But if he wants to fully establish himself in the rap game, he needs to continue his consistency and hit-making.

The most prevalent criticism of Dababy is that all of his songs sound the same, and that his flow never changes. Blame It on Baby seems to directly address that criticism, as he frequently switches up his style as the 13-song album progresses.

Although there are still quite a few typical Dababy songs, which feature his signature flow and hard-hitting beats that people are used to hearing, Dababy experiments with some singing and different flows on tracks like “Find My Way,” “Rockstar,” and “Drop.”

Although most people who have only heard Dababy’s biggest hits may think this is entirely new territory for Dababy, more seasoned listeners will know that he has previously experimented with more singing-oriented tracks in some of his earlier mixtapes.

Still, this album is very refreshing to hear, as Dababy’s signature style was getting a bit stale as a result of the sheer amount of music Dababy has dropped and featured on within the past year.

This album is also a sign that Dababy has plenty of potential that a lot of people may not have realized before, and it definitely makes his future in the rap game look a lot brighter.

The album may not have a single hit song like the last two albums, but all of the songs are worth listening to, and most have their own unique style.

All of the features on the album do incredibly well, and Dababy matches their excellence by morphing his style to fit them. These include “Jump” with NBA Youngboy, “Rockstar” with Roddy Ricch, and “Drop” featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie.

It’s difficult to describe this album with only one type of sound, and that is something that a lot of people thought Dababy was lacking. So this album will prove to a lot of people that Dababy has more than one flow, and he will continue to make relevant music for quite a while longer.