Review: Pixar’s Onward arrives online at the perfect time


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The latest Pixar film, Onward, is available to stream at Disney+.

Cassie Snyder, Magazine Editor

Disney has released the long-awaited Pixar film Onward on Disney+ earlier than usual due to the coronavirus-related closings of movie theaters. 

Onward arrives at a perfect time, reminding the world of what is important with its underlying themes of family and appreciating what one has.

The film is not only a lighthearted adventure tale about two brothers embarking on a magical journey to save their father, but is definitely also a tear-jerker, as most Pixar films are.

Right from the start this film is creative and relevant, offering a modern twist on a classic fairytale journey. But it is also a Disney movie, meaning it follows the same plug-in storyline that most Disney movies have, although it has a unique theme. 

Actors Tom Holland and Chris Pratt star as the voices of the two brothers. Holland portrays his usual role as a nerdy outcast teenager while Pratt plays his obnoxious older brother. Each actor’s voice fits perfectly into their roles and adds elements of familiarity into the film. 

This film is a nice distraction from the current world and will probably leave viewers with a feeling of gratitude and a few wet tissues.