Connecting online with friends isn’t limited to FaceTime


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Despite social isolation, there are still ways for friends to connect online.

Pratiksha Timsina, Staff Writer

Social isolation brings out boredom in everyone, and video chatting isn’t always fun when there’s nothing new to do or to talk about.

How else can you connect with friends? There are actually a number of possibilities.

If you’re tired of watching movies with your family, you can watch shows with friends by connecting online. There are several options.

Netflix Party: Although this only works if everyone has Netflix, it allows multiple people to watch shows and movies at the same time on the streaming site. There’s a group chat area for talking to friends, and there are fun icons for everyone participating. Simply download the Netflix Party extension on a computer, click the “NP” button after opening a movie, and share the link with others. Looking for a new show to watch together? Try Disenchantment and Lost in Space.

Watch2Gether: Similar to Netflix Party, this website is great for watching videos together online. The services it supports are YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Daily Motion. To watch, look up videos and share the link. It also features a chat area to be able to text while watching.

Rave: This app, for phones, is just like Netflix Party and Watch2Gether. It supports both Netflix and YouTube within the application, allowing for easy access to movies, shows, and videos. Simply download it for free from the App Store or Google Play, sign up, and start a rave with your friends.

But what about going beyond watching movies? There are other ways to connect with your friends despite the social isolation. This is basically the game Pictionary, but online. Create a private room with your friends and share the link to play. You take turns drawing one of the three words that are chosen while the others guess. The game offers the addition of custom words and a variety of colors and brush sizes. 

An app for phones that’s like is Draw Something. You can add friends, draw, and even compete against them in competitions.

There are also so many multiplayer video games to play online during this time. Whether you stick with the games that are popular now, or go for the old school and nostalgic games, there’s something for everyone.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: This game on Nintendo Switch is a great start. In it, you’ve escaped to an island where you can build, create, and explore your paradise. You can visit your friends’ islands and show off your own.

Minecraft: This is another great sandbox game to play with friends. You can play creative, survival, on maps, and on servers.

Fortnite: You can build, create, and battle in teams with your friends.

Nostalgic games like Club Penguin and Animal Jam offer multiplayer too. You can revisit your childhood with your friends. 

Even though not being able to see your friends can be tough, there’s always a way to spend some quality time with them online. Remember that you’ll be able to see them eventually and this won’t last forever.