Spread of coronavirus affects pro, college sports


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

After a year of isolation, though, people who grew used to the calm, solitary environment of quarantine will soon have to face a reopened and once again bustling society.

Adam Goldsboro, Multimedia Editor

The spread of the coronavirus has caused a panic all over the world, and recently that has included pro and college sports

March Madness is a huge event in American sports, but NCAA officials are planning for any number of possible changes that might have to be made because of the virus. One possibility could be to play all games without fans present, and another could be to keep fans out only in certain parts of the country hit hard by the virus. 

Other college sports also have taken a hit, as colleges across the country have canceled classes or told students not to come back after spring break. Cincinnati’s college football team, for example, has canceled its spring game, and other schools could follow.

Overall, the coronavirus could lead to college games being played with no fans in attendance, which would drastically hurt the culture of campuses. 

In addition, the MLB, NBA, MLS, and NHL all have said they will not allow media in locker rooms after games and practices during the outbreak. This may come as a relief to players who like to get dressed in peace, but it will affect coverage that fans see and read.

The NBA announced it is preparing for the possibility of playing games without fans. Lebron James initially said he would not do so because the fans help make the game what it is, though he later changed his mind and said he would play.

People do not know how boring it is to watch games without any fans in the stadium. European soccer academy teams always play with very few people in the stands, and it is some of the most boring soccer a person can watch.

Imagine a touchdown in college football and there are no fans are in the end zone seats, or a Champions League soccer game where the fans are not in the background as a player slides on the ground after a last-minute goal. 

That would be boring. But it may become both necessary and more common as the coronavirus continues to spread and cause panic around the world.