Boys, girls swim teams win, qualify for 2 more WPIAL events


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The Baldwin boys and girls swim teams defeated Carrick on Tuesday, and qualified in two more WPIAL events.

Izzy Swanson and Abbey Stark

Both the boys and girls swim teams defeated Carrick on Tuesday, and Baldwin qualified for two more WPIAL events.

Freshman Nolan Erimias, sophomore Kevin Weber, junior Dylan Stokes, and senior  Joey Weber qualified for WPIALs in the 200 medley relay. The win came as a shock to the boys, as they had been largely focused on their freestyle relay event for most of the season. 

“It honestly feels kind of unreal because just a couple of weeks ago it seemed out of reach,” Kevin Weber said.

Sophomore Abbey Herrle also qualified in diving for the Highlanders.

Baldwin’s swim team is relatively small compared to other schools, so the wins are harder to come by. However, Tuesday’s win demonstrated that the team is more than capable of having successful meets.  

“This win was definitely a confidence booster for some of the kids on the team,” Kevin Weber said. 

Weber said Stokes in particular has an excellent work ethic and a supportive attitude. 

“He always has that unbelievable work ethic, and always is doing his best. He makes sure that the rest of the team is also working to the best of their ability,” Weber said. 

The boys 200 freestyle relay team had already qualified for WPIALs on Feb. 4. The same four boys were a part of that relay team.