Gymnast got an early start via trampoline


Alli Schroeder

The gymnastics team captured first place in the silver division at states this past weekend.

Lena Barakat, Sports Editor

Asking for a trampoline as a 4-year-old has led sophomore Hanna Kuchnicki to success not only in gymnastics, but three other sports as well.

Kuchnicki juggles gymnastics, track and field, figure bodybuilding, and community soccer.

Kuchnicki’s venture into the world of sports first began when she was only 4 years old, when her mother signed her up for gymnastics.

“When I was younger I really wanted a trampoline, so my mom sent me to gymnastics solely because of the trampoline,” Kuchnicki said. “Then I started making friends and excelling at the sport, so I stuck with it.”

Throughout the years, Kuchnicki built up her skills and achieved great feats through her success in gymnastics.

“My biggest achievements were winning first place at WPIALs and second overall at states for vault,” Kuchnicki said. “I have more achievements, but those stand out the most.”

Junior Bailey Harding recognizes Kuchnicki’s standout presence on the team. “Hanna one of the most hardworking girls on the team and she trains harder than any high school student I’ve ever met,” Harding said. “In addition to her athletic ability, she is one of the most encouraging and humble teammates.”

Kuchnicki continues to enjoy and shine at gymnastics.

“My favorite thing about gymnastics is probably our gym family,” Kuchnicki said. “We all support each other through meets and always push one another to do our best.”

Even though Kuchnicki has arguably found most of her athletic success in gymnastics, it isn’t necessarily her favorite.

“My favorite sport is probably figure bodybuilding, and track and field has been an up-and-coming close favorite as well,” Kuchnicki said.

In the past, Kuchnicki also participated in school soccer and diving.

“In eighth grade, I played school and community soccer, and both of my teams won championships that year.” Kuchnicki said. “I joined diving as well, but unfortunately I had to quit this year because it interfered with my track schedule.”

While Kuchnicki is passionate for all of the sports she participates in, she acknowledges the challenges of each.

“My least favorite thing has to be when you’re having a really bad practice. You feel miserable, and it feels like you can’t make it through,” Kuchnicki said. “We all have bad practices, but on those days specifically, you just want to give up. But you know you just have to push through.”

Kuchnicki has great aspirations for all of the sports she participates in.

“My future goals with these sports is to see how far I can go with gymnastics before high school ends,” Kuchnicki said. “I also want to see if I can excel in track and maybe even go to college for it.”