Inline hockey team readies for playoffs


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative license

Baldwin’s inline hockey team remains undefeated as they won their last game.

Adam Goldsboro and Tyler Zeman

The inline hockey team will play Hempfield on Sunday in the first game of a three-game playoff series.

The inline team comes into the series with 12-6 record. The team has the third seed in the playoffs.

Senior James Dulya said the Highlanders are happy with how the regular season has gone.

“We played really well this season and I’m proud of the team,” Dulya said.

Senior Josh Sobieralski said Dulya was a key part of that success.

“Dulya helped us on offense and was consistently a good player throughout the season,” Sobieralski said. 

Vinny Episcopo, meanwhile, led the team in points.

“Vinny scored our most points and is really fast on offense,” Dulya said. “He also helped us a lot getting back on defense.”

Sobieralski agreed.

“He was also a good leader for the team. We were able to rely on him,” Sobieralski said.

Dulya said Sobieralski also was a key player.

“Josh was creative on offense and contributed to a lot of our plays that led to goals,” Dulya said. 

The team is confident going into the first game of the series.

“We just need to keep our communication good and focus on winning,” Dulya said.