1917 film unique to the industry

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"...what sets this movie apart is the fact that it is filmed to look as if it was shot in one take."

Eli Achtzehn, Staff Writer

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Director Sam Mendes’s 1917 is a rare film that manages to expertly walk the line between technological achievement and artistic expression. 

Taking place at the height of World War I, it follows two British soldiers as they race to deliver a message that will stop an attack that would result in the deaths of hundreds of soldiers, one of whom is one of the protagonist’s brother. 

The story is compelling in itself, but what sets this movie apart is the fact that it is filmed to look as if it was shot in one take. This choice ties directly into the tone of the film, placing the audience within the action with no cutaway or shift to provide a sense of separation from the brutalities of war.

The performances from the young leads are emotional and impressive, and cameos from more famous actors like Benedict Cumberbatch round out the immensely talented cast. The balance that 1917 is able to strike between jaw-dropping, horrific set pieces and quiet expressions of humanity in war is masterfully done.

1917 is tense, visceral, and emotional all at once. It places the audience in the trenches to convey a very real sense of fear that many other war films have tried and failed to do. Movies have long used certain gimmicks such as 3-D or CGI to drive sales, but 1917 excels because the “gimmick” that it implements fully serves the story.