Movie review: Homefront

Staff Writer
3 stars

Homefront, based on the novel by Chuck Logan, is just another action movie that is worth watching but not a must see. With Sylvester Stallone writing the screenplay and Jason Statham being the lead role, the movie is just above average. The film focuses on a widowed ex-undercover agent named Phil Broker, played by Statham, who moves with his 9-year-old daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic) to a small town in Louisiana. Broker believes this move would help him and his daughter move on with their lives, but this proves to be wrong. Broker’s violent ways get himself and Maddy in trouble with guys from his past and the drug lord in town, Gator Bodine, played by James Franco — in yet another drug dealer role. As expected, the plot is stereotypical and can be predicted fairly easily. The movie does have its share of exciting moments and amazing fight scenes, however, which will leave viewers with a moderately satisfied opinion.