Final shot secures boys basketball win over Seton


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Caden Harsh, Staff Writer

It went down to the buzzer, but Baldwin boys basketball earned a close victory over Seton Lasalle on Saturday by a score of 50-48.

It was a close game throughout, with Baldwin holding the lead for most of the game.

Late in the fourth quarter, the game was tied 48-48. That was when junior Dorian Ford made a long pass across the court and junior Connor Lavelle scored the game-winning layup.

Seton put up a last-second shot in an attempt to tie, but missed.

Senior Andy Degenhardt was impressed by how Ford played on Saturday.

“Ford had a double double by the end of the game,” Degenhardt said. “He was good.”

The night before, however, the Highlanders lost their first game to Thomas Jefferson, 53-42. 

“It was a rough game overall,” Degenhardt said.

Free thows were a problem for Baldwin, and something that needs to be worked on, sophomore Nick Petrilli said.