Council of student leaders aims to boost student engagement


Photo from Shaun Tomaszewski

Principal Shaun Tomaszewski is forming a student council to get more students involved in clubs.

Lena Barakat and Victoria Di Cesare

Principal Shaun Tomaszewski is forming a council of student leaders to increase engagement within clubs, athletics, and student organizations.

The council will have its first meeting on Sunday afternoon to begin discussing ways to get kids more involved at school.

“I want a way to engage kids in helping me make the school as good of a place as it can be for teaching and learning,” Tomaszewski said.

Tomaszewski’s goal is to increase student participation in clubs and activities, as well as to be able to hear more student voices. He came up with the idea for this meeting in July.

“I want to build a sense of awareness at Baldwin High School, because sometimes it’s challenging to tap into student life,” Tomaszewski said.

He said he believes the council will increase the number of students joining Baldwin High School extracurricular activities.

“Some of my colleagues at other districts have principal lunch bunches to engage with students, but I want to cast a larger net,” Tomaszewski said. “I don’t only want to meet with presidents of classes or the captains of the basketball team because that is very self selecting, so I think this council will cut a broad slice through the student body.”

Leaders will have the opportunity to give input on how they can get more kids involved in their activity.

Letters were sent out to all student athletic captains and presidents of clubs earlier this week. Jeffery Natter, junior class vice president and wind ensemble officer, is excited about the concept.

“I’m looking forward to making a positive impact in our school in any way I can,” Natter said.

Tomaszewski has a bright outlook for the council.

“A successful outcome of this council for me is building awareness of the student body,” Tomaszewski said. “I’m looking forward to meeting with the kids and learning about what it’s like to be a student at Baldwin High School.”