Swift’s new album recalls her roots

Swift changes her music style once again in her new album.

Image via Pitchfork website

Swift changes her music style once again in her new album.

Astrid Senko, Multimedia Editor

Pop artist Taylor Swift is widely known for changing her music genre and her image throughout the past years. She decided to do that again with her new album, Lover.

Her 2017 album, Reputation, was mainly about her love-hate relationships and her struggles to control her public image. So fans were pleasantly surprised when Lover turned out to be focused more on romance and the things and people Swift loves most.  

Lover feels like a throwback to Swift’s country and pop roots, specifically the Red and 1989 eras. All three of these albums seem to come from more of a place of contentment and satisfaction rather than a time of messy breakups and downfalls. 

Lover truly feels like a breath of fresh air after Reputation.The opener to the new album, “I Forgot That You Existed,” is a perfect transition from her dark and ominous vibe from Reputation to the more accepting and laid-back feeling toward life and relationships that represents Lover

Lover has Swift unpack her insecurities and combat them head-on while becoming more personal with her fans. This can help the fans feel more connected to the singer on a personal level.

Swift’s willingness to truly open up about her desires and fears makes Lover the most unique, satisfying full-length album in years.