Hallway memes keep school rules visible

Abby Fowler and Grace Esposito

When faced with the difficult task of having students review school rules, English teacher Krystal Schulte turned to memes for help.

Schulte had her Honors English 10 students create hallway memes explaining key school rules. To  do that, they first had to review the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, which all English teachers must cover with their classes.

“Each student was tasked with making a meme that creatively advertised for their peers one policy from the Baldwin High School Student Code of Conduct,” Schulte said.

 The memes include various images from pop culture that show different emotions that students will be able to relate to, Schulte said. The students added their own twist to the memes by putting text next to the memes relating to different aspects of the Code of Conduct.

Sophomore Leyna Laurent made a Spongebob meme about harassment and bullying. 

“I think the assignment was a good way to teach the Code of Conduct, because it’s always fun to incorporate memes into the school,” Laurent said. 

Schulte got the idea after also using memes during grammar instruction with the online learning program Kandoolu.

“I used memes to introduce and reinforce many of the grammar rules, and I found that the humor aspect and short length of the meme messages helped students with remembering the grammar concepts,” Schulte said.

“Displaying the policies in an unorthodox way has drawn student attention to these sometimes taken for granted rules and expectations for behavior,” Schulte said.