Seniors personalize parking spots with paint


Alli Schroeder

Students Anthony Esposito, Marylou Jordan and Jake Dulya pose in front of Esposito’s painted spot.

Alli Schroeder and Pratiksha Timsina

Some students who drive to school start their day with their own style of positivity, since they painted their parking spots with fun colors and designs.

The parking lot painting project raised $1,500 for a school project that will be announced soon. Senior Lexie Kennard saw the idea on Pinterest and took the initiative to bring the idea to the National Honor Society. 

“I figured it would go through, so I asked Mr. Reilsono. It just took off from there,” Kennard said.

Principal Shaun Tomaszewski was enthusiastic when Kennard brought the idea to him because he wanted students to show school spirit and self expression. 

Senior Makenzie Shandor was one of the students who painted her parking lot spot.

“I wanted to come to school and start the day with something nice and happy,” Shandor said.

Shandor painted one of her favorite quotes, which says “hello sunshine.”

Senior Jenna Lutz also painted her parking spot. 

“I thought it would be a good way to leave our mark, because we’re the first ones to do it,” Lutz said. “I painted “Dunkin’” because I love coffee.”

Shandor and Lutz said it took several five-hour sessions to complete their spots.