Sebestyen leaving to take assistant principal job at Hampton


Grace Esposito

Assistant principal Joseph Sebestyen accepts a job at Hampton School District.

Elizabeth Perston and Grace Esposito

After a little over a year as one of Baldwin’s assistant principals, Joseph Sebestyen is leaving to take another assistant principal job at Hampton High School. 

Sebestyen said the career move was motivated by a shorter commute: since he lives north of the city, his drive time to work now will be much shorter. 

His final day at Baldwin has not been set yet, though it likely will be sometime this fall.

During his time at Baldwin, Sebestyen enjoyed making connections with the people here.

“I’ll definitely miss the kids and the faculty,” he said. “We have some great kids from all walks of life, and that brings a lot of diversity into the school.”

Sebestyen’s time at Baldwin included some memorable events, such as graduation day.

“Announcing names at graduation was definitely rewarding,” Sebestyen said. “It was great seeing the kids walking down.”

Candee Nagy, a fellow assistant principal, said she would miss Sebestyen.

“He is very passionate about his work and everyone here. We’re going to miss his high energy and compassion,” Nagy said. 

Nagy got to know Sebestyen well as fellow administrators.

“He and I have become very close in the year that we worked together. It’s like having a little brother,” Nagy said.

The two had great camaraderie and worked well together, she said.