Detective Pikachu fails to electrify fans


Alon Amir

Detective Pikachu was every Pokemon fan’s dream. However, it fails to deliver on expectations.

Cassie Snyder, Magazine Editor

As absurd as the concept sounds, the movie itself is even more ridiculous. The best part of Detective Pikachu is his hat.

The entire premise of the film follows a talking Pikachu who works alongside a young man as a detective to help him find his missing father.

The film creates a world that seems like our own but where Pokemon and humans live among each other and Squirtles are as common as squirrels.

Seeing these CGI Pokemon roam in the wild and walk down the street is definitely the most enjoyable part of the movie. The realistic fluffy fur and cheery disposition of Pikachu makes him as loveable and realistic as a pet dog.

However, the actual plot of the movie itself is very poor and just so out-of-the-box that it is hard to watch and follow. There are so many outrageous twists, but they can’t draw away from the fact that the movie is as predictable as any prominent children’s film can be.  

The acting of the actual human characters is done poorly, being exaggerated and hard to take seriously.

The film is a nice attempt at something new but just ends up being average. It is an enjoyable experience solely for the Pokemon, but the movie itself fails to be anything worth watching.