Library update continues with new furniture

Allison Schroeder, Staff Writer

The library has new furniture, the latest in a series of improvements designed to modernize the space.

Librarian Brigetta Del Re said she is excited about the new furniture, which arrived Monday and was ready for students to use today.

“It is designed for flexible learning and for innovation,” Del Re said.

In front of the fireplace there are new couches. In small section of the library behind the fireplace area, a long conference table has been replaced by high-top chairs and tables.

In the Think Tank there are new tables and chairs as well. The furniture in the Think Tank is designed to fit like a puzzle, so students can easily move it.

“The old wooden legs from the furniture would break because it was so heavy,” Del Re said.

The new furniture is lightweight and is efficient for group work and the wheels on the bottom make them mobile.

“It shows students that we care about them,” Del Re said.

The new furniture is the latest in a series of updates for the library. Earlier, Studio B was created for students to work on videos and podcasts, the Think Tank was added, and the fireplace was added.

Other new library features aim to inspire students. On a shelf that runs along the top of the walls in the Think Tank, framed copies of patents from some of the earliest inventions have been added..

Students also said they like the new furniture.

“It’s a nice new look. It matches the theme of the library more,” senior Favour Ojo said.

Senior Carson Thieret agreed.

“I really like it. It’s a nice color,” he said.

The library still is set to receive a new coffee and end table, which will complete the new addition.

About 30 guests will visit the library on Wednesday as part of the district’s participation in Remake Learning Day. They will see the library’s renovations and student work that has been produced in Studio B and the Think Tank, Del Re said.

“The leadership here is thinking down the road. They see how society operates and implemented that here,” she said.